Virtual Reality? The hidden gem of customer experience.

Initially Virtual Reality (VR) was intended as a way to experience immersive gaming, however it is already shaking up the customer experience. Here it is, the „Wow-effect“ you’ve been looking for. Those of you who already tried out VR will know the kind of experience that gets you addicted by wanting to try it out again and again. It awakens bright playfulness due to its full immersion in amazing virtual surroundings. It has been found out that nothing more than emotions stimulate the interaction between brands and customers. This is why such a powerful experience as through VR easily awakens feelings about how customers like a brand and how they will memorise it in the long run.

Not only does the tracking of customer emotions help to find out more on customer satisfaction and loyalty, but it provides accurate insights about the future products a company wants to launch, while at the same time saving costs and implementation efforts. It speeds up revisions, spots potential product mistakes, and gives a chance to store layouts and installations. The gap between online and in-store experiences is finally bridged for customers who are able to walk around in 360-degree virtual surroundings while investigating products from anywhere in the world before the products even get launched in reality. Prices are lowering and more and more customer level kits are available encouraging customers to spend more time in stores and interacting with products on multiple virtual levels.

Brands who focus on the creation of engagement across all channels and devices, improving efficiency and saving money are among the top brands. If they also start to involve their customers with innovative storytelling and personalised content development through reliable technology (mobile apps and disruptive devices) they become unbeatable. Examples? How about a digital showroom where the customer can interact and communicate with employees that help personalise their unique experience as they go,  gaming surroundings improving customer retention and loyalty, learning environments for qualifications boosting learning experiences, etc.

VR has seemingly inexhaustible display formats, holding an incredibly high not yet fully explored business potential by being able to attract customers and boost sales on a big scale. It is revolutionising and transforming the store, creating the future of a new virtual customer experience. Even though technical challenges are not fully eliminated, improvements are accelerating and it’s always better to be ahead of the pack… already exploring yet undiscovered virtual worlds!

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