Smart transmitters and the Internet of Things

Mobile devices and tablets become more and more the main contact point between companies and institutions of all sectors and their customers. Small transmitters enhance this kind of communication by sending and receiving information from and to companies through mobile apps, products or objects. This enables an easy and fast evaluation of communication between companies and their customers. For example these personalised interfaces connected to mobile services attract customers and increase shopping possibilities, lead to more interactions, influence purchase decisions, describe objects or distribute knowledge to the receiver. Micro-localisation through different transmitters and devices make the Internet of Things more real than ever with a high diversity of objects and applications in the environment, communicating intelligently between one another.

In this spirit the current trend impacts digital revolution since it fuels smart interfaces communicating with products and services offered to meet and anticipate customer needs in their proximity. It shows an exciting future ahead for smart technology enhancing the user’s experience. In addition to recent surveys most of the customers expect the latest mobile offerings facilitating middle class and smaller companies to compete with bigger ones and grow based on their shared technology.

Taking a look into the future, wearable connected devices will become even more embedded in people’s lives and their ability to communicate on their own will expand on a whole new level leading from smart cities with smoother traffic flows to smart health monitoring and automated shopping. Hence transmitters will have enough intelligence to know where they are and what they are supposed to do. The paradigm shift takes place already in the way brands communicate with consumers. This shows a strong digital extension into the physical world. Experts say like a company without website is not taken seriously, a company without smart transmitters and devices connecting and communicating intelligently will be thought of the same way in 10 years’ time.


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